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Big companies are downsizing in 2024; it’s an understanding of brand persona equal to cost-cutting.

As a business relocation specialist, most of our work has come from unplanned emergency business relocations, but in 2024, planned downsizing of workspaces is fast becoming a prominent enquiry at Grays Rescue.

What we find most interesting is that larger multinational companies have caught onto utilising property to its fullest potential within the envelope to reduce their global footprint. If it were not for council red tape slowing down the process, this would become more visible to those outside the business relocation industry. 

With large corporations looking to reverse their former office concepts and bolster a more modest office and warehouse footprint, it speaks volumes that these companies understand the perception and persona of their brands in 2024.

The global pandemic has changed business and the way many of us now work. The hybrid office is one of the first words we hear when discussing a planned business relocation with a prospective client. The traditional office era has come to an end, and employers around the globe have accepted a new normal. 

With the hybrid model a primary focus for clients, Grays Rescue believes utilising a building envelope to its fullest potential is the most rewarding outcome. Design and layout of the work environment and facilities vs. stakeholders’ concepts can be a challenge when trying to ensure the required codes and standards are met. Still, the journey and outlook of modernising their company to evolve and become more competitive is exciting for most clients.

Grays Rescue has created the ultimate guide for business relocations to streamline the steps of a business re-patronisation, reduce the impact of business interruption, and quickly get a company back to full operations. Our experience allows us to lead a project of stakeholders, engineers, and building suppliers and keep a business’s wheels turning.

Grays Rescue is proud to be a supplier of choice for these reputable brands, enabling our clients to focus on the marketplace while our team focus on delivering project management solutions for business relocation & design.