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Project Management

Project Management

We are an impact project management company trusted by the strata industry and multinational corporations to resolve their most challenging problems, from defect facilitation to insurance restoration. Grays Rescue are specialist’s in business relocation. Setting up new offices, factories for small business to multinational corporations. 

Insurance Projects

Insurance Investigations & Restoration Management

From strata to multinational corporations, an insurance event requires quick and decisive leadership to resolve, restore and make safe. Grays Rescue’s recent engagements include project managing a major multinational energy company’s insurance claim to make safe and the relocation and rebuild of a major facility at a new premise.

Emergency Faciliatation

Emergency Facilitation

When emergency or disaster management is required, Grays Rescue is your experienced option for facilitating any evacuation, relocation and restoration. From dilapidation reporting to project management, Grays Rescue are called upon by leading industry experts to assist these vital projects.

challenging projects

Challenging Projects

Grays Rescue, we take on impossible projects.
Grays Rescue has recently accepted the challenge to project manage the relocation of a critical infrastructure gas recycling plant that benefits the environment. It is an enormous privilege to undertake a project that has an environmental sustainability influence that is the only plant of its kind globally.

Resort Restoration

Resort Restoration & Renovation Management

From insurance restorations to major upgrades and rejuvenation, Grays Rescue now discretely project manage resort makeovers across Australia, South Pacific and now Asia

defect faciliation

Defect Facilitation

From unprecedented landmark defect cases in Australia’s strata industry to sinking buildings, Grays Rescue’s defect facilitation skillset is why we are strata managers, engineers and construction lawyers’ first choice for defect facilitation & remedial coordination.

Business Relocation Management.

Business Relocation Management

Relocating a business is a business interruption and expense that needs to be controlled and managed by a professional. Grays Rescue is trusted by multinational corporations to relocate their businesses. We manage from pack up, transport, oversee all design and engineering (if required) work with any authorities and procurement for an office fit-out. We are a business relocation end-to-end service.

Strata Projects

Strata Projects

Within the strata industry, the impossible projects can take on new meaning when there is no one to take control and drive a project to completion. Grays Rescue is dedicated to ensuring your most challenging problems are resolved, end to end. For owners corporations, major strata breakdowns, defect facilitation, general remediation coordination, insurance claims, make safe or restorations are what we do.

Procurement Management


Leveraging our network of engineers, trades, strata and construction lawyers, remedial builders and emergency restoration experts, Grays Rescue implements lasting solutions to resolve our client’s most challenging problems. Our reputation is staked on exceeding our client expectations. Creating a competitive bidders list from our industries finest, Grays Rescue take the hard work our of the most difficult projects.

Insurance Investigations & Restoration Management

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Business Relocation Management

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What distinguishes Grays Rescue from our competitors is our experience with project management of complex projects or projects that others categorise as being in the ” too hard basket”.

Leading expert structural engineers have referred to Grays Rescue as “the best defect facilitator in Australia”. Multi-national energy companies are engaging Grays Rescue to protect their best interests for insurance project management and significant projects requiring attention to detail for critical infrastructure.

We meet our client’s expectations while delivering new benchmarks in project management capabilities, from defect facilitation, remediation management, insurance restoration to resort rejuvenation. Our clients quickly understand that we are there to protect their best interests while creating deliverables and keeping a project running professionally.

Keeping the wheels of a project turning.

Known as a company that steps in to project manage the impossible projects, our core strength is our capability to take control of what needs to be achieved and become the centre of a project, working with experts, suppliers and stakeholders to keep the wheels of a project turning from end to end.

When Chris Gray reviewed structural cracks with engineers at Mascot Towers, Mascot Towers made the world’s news when the owners were forced out of their homes; it was Chris Gray that stepped up to coordinate the emergency evacuation of 131 families simultaneously for what was referred to as unprecedented in Australia. From that moment, Grays Rescue worked through the dilapidation of defects and facilitation for what the New South Wales Building Commissioner still refers to as the worst building in Sydney. Since then, Grays Rescue has been called in to project manage sinking residential buildings in Victoria, major defect facilitation in New South Wales, and strata projects for supporting strata management to multinational companies relying on Grays Rescue for major insurance restoration and make safe.

Grays Rescue provides a range of tailored services, providing solutions in partnership with owners corporations to multi-national corporate clients. Leveraging our national network of engineers, trades, strata and construction lawyers, Grays Rescue implements lasting solutions to resolve our client’s hardest problems. Our reputation is staked on exceeding our client’s expectations.


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